Successful Online Dating Chat

If you read my previous post, “A Dating Success,” you will know how to take hold of a situation and ask simple questions.  Asking in the manner of that post will ensure you the best chance of meeting again.  The following is info about the value of the “chat” feature, or “instant messaging.”

It is a sexy feature because it is live interaction, its also a good way to work on your approach.  I will share what Its best used for.  After you log onto your profile, send a message to a girl that is your type.  I have had more success with this method alone, than all other messages.

I would ask what they are interested in, and talk about how fun it would be to get together and talk more.  Then just mention a common area such as a coffee house or bookstore and your set!  You just landed your self a date and to see if there is chemistry between you two, a mutual attraction.  Go you!


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