Dating is Similar to

Boxing.  A good boxing match with an opponent who is skilled and fights at his own pace.  Sometimes you get excited when your fighter throws a few good punches.  It is not that simple, you have to look at your opponent.  What does he lack? What are his skills?  And his weaknesses, because that is how you win the match.


Writing a Good Profile

One basic tip is to have a nice photo that shows your face.  I don’t recommend photos that you think are funny or catch you drinking or smoking because most females consider that immature, and few women are looking for immature men.

Also important to your profile is including what makes you unique.  Can you rebuild engines and restore cars?  Tell them, women love cars.  Are you a photographer?  Send them an offer to show some of your portfolio.  Any thing other than, “Hey you good lookin’, do you want to hook-up?”  Women get those messages all day on dating sites.  Do what you can to catch their attention.

One study in online dating found that some women get as many as 100 messages a day.  That is probably a little bit exaggerated.  To stand out best do something unique.  It would be a good start to try a new site that is not saturated with males.  Swurve has a 2:1 woman to man ratio.  The site has newly registered women looking for guys, and you have less competition try swurve.

Springtime Dates

If you use the chat feature, then it is easy to get a date.  It is very easy, if you don’t know how to talk to women online read my previous posts for stories about real dates. 

It is going to get warmer soon which is a great time to go on an outdoors date.  You would want to do something that doesn’t take too and is easy to prepare for.  I will tell you about a real date I went on.

I was messing around online, and I saw a profile on Swurve that looked good.  I thought I recognized the face from  around town.  It turns out that it was a girl I have talked to before in town.  She was right down the block!  I asked her if she remembered me and she did!  So I quickly asked if she would hang out at the tennis courts to enjoy the nice Spring weather.  She agreed and after playing tennis(she was very good) we went to sit by a tree to get to know each other better.  After that we went to get taco bell and got together again later that week.  This date didn’t end in sleeping together but it was a good learning experience.  Sometimes you have to think about what women would like to do, you know “get inside their head.”  Here is my next approach, I am going to think of a Spring activity and design a date around each activity.  What do you guys think about that?

Get a Date Today


I googled a ton of different Online Dating sites, but I chose “Swurve”  for their young fresh look.  They also have one on one instant messaging.  This is the single best part about Swurve, you can chat with many females at once.  This is good practice talking with women.

I have noticed that after chatting with the young women on Swurve that confidence stuck with me as I interacted with women in everyday life.  I can chat with many women at the same time to see who you click with.  The great part about Swurve’s chat feature is that you can set up a real life meet-up.  Check out my other posts to read about real life dates that I have set-up through Swurve Online Dating Chat.

Another Day, Another Date


It started on Swurve.  A cute girl caught my eye, she was only 5’6” but very good looking none the less.  I messaged the girl, “hey Its getting warm, and I love to play football.  Do you want to go to the field such and such and get some activity.”  She was thrilled that I was a football player, because her and her whole family loved the sport.  So she messaged me back and gave me instructions to text her the next day.

The next day was a Saturday.  We met at the park and there was an awesome attraction between the both of us.  We tossed the football around.  After that I suggested a way to give us some extra time, “let’s go to eat at a pizza resturant.”  After that she gave me a peck on the cheek and we planned to hang out the next day. She went right along, and the next day I get a text, and we hung out for hours again!

The girls like when you take control and can make a fun day extraordinary.  I would get going with an online site like Swurve, or, and sign up.  Then you can get going talking with the opposite sex!  Try the free trial!!

Romance at Work

I just got back from work, and there is one girl that I always catch a glimpse of out of the corner of my eye.  I didn’t think that she thought twice about me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  She is totally hot.  Best yet she is into me. Online I know that the girls are looking, but there are other avenues.  Reply if you had a similar experience at work.

Successful Online Dating Chat

If you read my previous post, “A Dating Success,” you will know how to take hold of a situation and ask simple questions.  Asking in the manner of that post will ensure you the best chance of meeting again.  The following is info about the value of the “chat” feature, or “instant messaging.”

It is a sexy feature because it is live interaction, its also a good way to work on your approach.  I will share what Its best used for.  After you log onto your profile, send a message to a girl that is your type.  I have had more success with this method alone, than all other messages.

I would ask what they are interested in, and talk about how fun it would be to get together and talk more.  Then just mention a common area such as a coffee house or bookstore and your set!  You just landed your self a date and to see if there is chemistry between you two, a mutual attraction.  Go you!

A Dating Success


It started on Swerve on the chat feature.  This is a new website and the girls on here are definitely eager to meet, so after a little chatting we decided to meet at a coffee shop we both frequent.  So I went through my ritual before a date, you know the regular stuff.  What to wear, cologne, cleaning out the car.  But when I got there we talked awkwardly, then I ask her, “so its Saturday night, what are you doing later?”  She said, “nothing.” Then I ask if she would like to meet up again later that night.  And I get the answer I was looking for,  “I would love to go have a few drinks with you.”  All that preparation and she was ready to go later on, lol.  So relax, you have got this!

Why Date Online???

I had no luck getting girls at college, I was just not the outgoing type.  I tried going to bars, but I just felt out of place.  I tried online dating and instantly found those who were looking for a relationship.  They were often willing to travel to meet out for coffee, and even sometimes more!  It goes without saying that we use technology for getting a job, work, and planning vacations so why not for bonding with the opposite sex? 

Meeting your First Date

Set-up your profile

I said that this would be a road map to landing a date. This is my third post. It differs from the others in that it is an action step, one small step you can make to get a date tomorrow. It is also absolutely free!

Get girls quickly responding to you, the new website “Swerve” is an excellent Online Dating Website. Register a FREE account, and view girls now. You can do it, and I will back you up with advice. To get girls interested is IMPORTANT!

A few short minutes and you can create a profile. Without a profile you are just another guy. While you may think that what you say in your profile is important it’s not hard to set up an appealing profile. The number one mistake guys make is bad photos. Don’t put up a pic of you with your buddies or holding a beer that shows immaturity. Put up a nice photo showing your face, maybe out doors with some nice scene behind you.

Make your profile now for free at this awesome website that offers instant messages .