Writing a Good Profile

One basic tip is to have a nice photo that shows your face.  I don’t recommend photos that you think are funny or catch you drinking or smoking because most females consider that immature, and few women are looking for immature men.

Also important to your profile is including what makes you unique.  Can you rebuild engines and restore cars?  Tell them, women love cars.  Are you a photographer?  Send them an offer to show some of your portfolio.  Any thing other than, “Hey you good lookin’, do you want to hook-up?”  Women get those messages all day on dating sites.  Do what you can to catch their attention.

One study in online dating found that some women get as many as 100 messages a day.  That is probably a little bit exaggerated.  To stand out best do something unique.  It would be a good start to try a new site that is not saturated with males.  Swurve has a 2:1 woman to man ratio.  The site has newly registered women looking for guys, and you have less competition try swurve.


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