Springtime Dates

If you use the chat feature, then it is easy to get a date.  It is very easy, if you don’t know how to talk to women online read my previous posts for stories about real dates. 

It is going to get warmer soon which is a great time to go on an outdoors date.  You would want to do something that doesn’t take too and is easy to prepare for.  I will tell you about a real date I went on.

I was messing around online, and I saw a profile on Swurve that looked good.  I thought I recognized the face from  around town.  It turns out that it was a girl I have talked to before in town.  She was right down the block!  I asked her if she remembered me and she did!  So I quickly asked if she would hang out at the tennis courts to enjoy the nice Spring weather.  She agreed and after playing tennis(she was very good) we went to sit by a tree to get to know each other better.  After that we went to get taco bell and got together again later that week.  This date didn’t end in sleeping together but it was a good learning experience.  Sometimes you have to think about what women would like to do, you know “get inside their head.”  Here is my next approach, I am going to think of a Spring activity and design a date around each activity.  What do you guys think about that?


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