Another Day, Another Date


It started on Swurve.  A cute girl caught my eye, she was only 5’6” but very good looking none the less.  I messaged the girl, “hey Its getting warm, and I love to play football.  Do you want to go to the field such and such and get some activity.”  She was thrilled that I was a football player, because her and her whole family loved the sport.  So she messaged me back and gave me instructions to text her the next day.

The next day was a Saturday.  We met at the park and there was an awesome attraction between the both of us.  We tossed the football around.  After that I suggested a way to give us some extra time, “let’s go to eat at a pizza resturant.”  After that she gave me a peck on the cheek and we planned to hang out the next day. She went right along, and the next day I get a text, and we hung out for hours again!

The girls like when you take control and can make a fun day extraordinary.  I would get going with an online site like Swurve, or, and sign up.  Then you can get going talking with the opposite sex!  Try the free trial!!


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